Top 15 Outdoor Desert Plants

Top 15 Outdoor Desert Plants

I’m always asked which plants can be grown easily in our hot summers. Here’s a quick list of plants that can stay, not only alive, but also thrive, under the hot sun in the desert air.

  1. Bougainvillea
  2. Morning Glory
  3. Basil
  4. Date Palm
  5. Cana Lily
  6. Moringa
  7. Aloe Vera
  8. Cassia Fistula
  9. Castor Plant
  10. Cactus (Not Succulents!)
  11. Portulacaria Afra (Elephant bush)
  12. Portulaca Grandiflora (Moss-Rose purslane)
  13. Oleander
  14. Tecoma Stans
  15. Plumeria

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