Tips For Mothers On Making the Most of Ramadaan

Tips For Mothers On Making the Most of Ramadaan

In shaa Allaah, Ramadaan will soon be upon us. As the Salaf (predecessors) and our scholars say:

اللهم بلغنا رمضان

(O Allaah, let us reach Ramadaan)

Being a mother of kids of different age groups (some who don’t have to fast), I try to prepare for Ramadaan beforehand, as much as I can. So, I thought I’d compile and share some of the ways I try to prepare for Ramadaan so that it helps you all, too, in shaa Allaah.

Prepare Staple Food Items and Freeze

So we’ve been making our own samosas since the last three years alhumdulillaah. The key to not getting overwhelmed with all the prepping is to spend a day, make a huge amount of filling (minced chicken in our case), and freeze it. And then over the next few days, take out some of the frozen filling, and put in a couple of hours every day filling the samosas. (I usually put a nice talk on, and get my kids to do it with me).

We then portion them per person (two each in our case), and freeze them in bags for each day (so it’ll be 2 x 6 = 10 in a bag). This way I also know how much more (it’s never less lol) we need to make.

This time we also made spring rolls at home for the first time, and they turned out delicious (yes, we already tried them in our Sha’baan fasts).

Some more ideas for freezing are:

  • Kebabs
  • Cheese rolls
  • Cheese samosas
  • Nuggets
  • Date balls
  • Cutlets
  • Paratha
  • Potato balls

Chop and Freeze Vegetables

Chopped Veggies in A Freezer Drawer

Did you know vegetables cook better if they’ve been frozen before? And you can freeze almost any vegetable except a few. It makes cooking a cinch, honestly.
I like to incorporate veggies in a lot of our food, and we eat a lot of Asian (Chinese) cuisine, so I don’t think I’ve never not frozen vegetables. I chop, shred, slice almost all my veggies and freeze them. Cauliflower, broccoli, beans, tomatoes (diced or whole), cabbage (shred and freeze), carrots (diced, shredded, sliced), peas, bell pepper (diced, sliced), and more.

I used to hate the chopping part but I bought myself an amazing chopper, alhumdulillaah, that helps me to chop, slice and more, and I lovvve it. (My kids love using it too).

We’ve tried so many vegetable choppers before, either they’re flimsy and have broken easily, or not dishwasher safe, so the dish had warped. This one is not only built better but is dishwasher safe, and it chops and cleans up very nicely. A bit more on the expensive side but really worth it, alhumdulillaah!

My Favorite Chopper
The Tools Included, Plus It’s Dishwasher Safe!

Meal Prep – Make a List of What to Eat

This might seem over the top, but for someone who takes more time deciding what to make, than to make it, I find this a huge time saver. Before Ramadaan, I make a list of what we will eat almost every day. I title the lists as Ramadaan 1441/2021, Ramadaan 1442/2022, Ramadaan 1443/2023, and I have them dating back to 2017!

So in every list, there are multiple categories – Staple Items (more about this below), Iftaar Dishes, Drinks/Tea, Main, Desserts. Under each of these categories I write down everything I feel I can make easily in Ramadaan. After I fill in the categories, I make another section and title it as 1st Ramadan, then 2nd Ramadaan, 3rd, so on. And under each of those, I choose something from the lists I made above, and compile it together.

Because I’ve been making these lists since a long time, I usually go back to them for ideas and for the food I’d forgotten that I know how to make. It really helps me and gets so much easier in the long run.


Delegate, delegate, delegate. Us, mothers, tend to take on way too many responsibilities, when delegating them would not only make our life easier, but also help our children learn basic necessities of living.

This Ramadaan, my eight year old will be responsible for the water, cups, and the plates on the dining table, one of my daughters, for the air fried items, another for drinks, and so on. I’ll be keeping a timer for the younger children, so that they know when to start preparing, and for the older ones, they know what time we enter the kitchen. Usually, if we have this list, and they know what they’re responsible for, we have to enter the kitchen an hour earlier only (instead of spending hours in the kitchen).

Have A Few Staple Iftaar Items

This really helps me to get the Iftaar going. Choose something(s) that everyone likes, and have it on the table (almost) every Iftaar. Besides dates, for us it’s usually samosas, Dahi Barei, and a fruit salad. And someone has it assigned, so I can concentrate on something else, or the main dish (which is usually dinner). Having some staple food items for Iftaar, helps to be focused on what to make or get ready without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Keep a Separate Abaya or Thobe For Taraweeh

If you or the children go for Taraweeh regularly, it helps to leave the house quickly if you have clean, separate, and ironed piece of clothing ready for the masjid. Nothing annoys people more than waiting for others when they can’t decide and find what to wear when they’re short of time.

The girls and I keep our Abayas for the masjid washed and separate from our daily wear. This also helps to keep the cooking stench away from it. The boys do similarly; they have their ‘Taraweeh’ thobes separate from the daily masjid thobes.

Make Dinner That Lasts

If your family doesn’t mind eating leftovers, then opt for dishes that last a few days, especially in Ramadaan. I try to make our Iftaars filling and healthy, and most of the time, the kids like to have it for dinner as well. If I do make dinner, then it’s usually after Taraweeh. This way, I’m not worried about the Iftaar time getting closer, nor about the taste, and if I need help, I can ask the kids too.

I also choose to make dinners that will last a couple of days, so anything with rice or gravy goes a long way for us.

Organize Your Time & Get Your Eid Things Now

The more you try to organize your time, the more time you will find. Notice the way I said try, trying makes a huge difference, too! Wake up early, make use of daylight, have something to look forward to in the morning, have a Things-To-Do list, have priorities, and get your shopping done before Ramadaan! Don’t keep your Eid shopping until the end of the month of Ramadaan – those are our best nights. Use the time wisely, instead of going around in markets in those days, especially when such places are full of fitnah. 

If you’re ordering gift items, try to finish it now. (Here are some ideas you might like – 20 Best Eid Gifts for Teens, All Under 100SR, and Top 25+ Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers, for 50SR and Under)

Invest in Appliances That Make Work Easy

Last but not least, as Muslims, our time is precious. It is even more so, if we’re moms with a baby or multiple children. And with Ramadaan coming, why take long to do something when there’s a way to do it faster?

For me, that would be investing in appliances that make housework not only fast but fun. The following products cut down on my working time by half or more, and I cannot stop recommending these to others.

So to start, it would be the chopper I mentioned above.

Click on the image to buy the exact same one from Amazon

Second would be my Braun MultiQuick 9. My first one lasted me a good 12 years, and this one has been going strong for the last 3 years alhumdulillaah. The Braun MultiQuick helps me to puree or whisk food items, electrically, while it’s still cooking and boiling hot in the pan, it helps me to shred things electrically, it helps to whip, whisk, mash, slice and much more. It is honestly one of my most used items in the kitchen.

My third recommendation would be my cordless Eufy vacuum.

This vacuum is not only (seriously) lightweight, it has an LED light, has multiple attachments for upholstery, car, window sills, and much more. It’s very easy to clean. It charges fast, and lasts a good 30 – 45 minutes. It has two suction power, and last but not least, to empty the trash collected, you only have to press a button. Annnd the best part, it is only a fraction of the price of the Dyson. Mine’s more than 2 years old, and it just makes cleaning so much easier and faster, alhumdulillaah.

Eufy Cordless Vacuum with LED Light
It can be used for almost everything

My other favorite appliance is my DeLonghi Multicooker/Airfryer. It has a detachable paddle in it which can help you stir curries without your help, it can airfry, it can bake, it’s dishwasher safe, and very easy to cook or fry in. You can also find a lot of recipes on it, if you search the name online. My younger children even use it, and it’s quite safe compared to other airfyers. I love it.

DeLonghi MultiFryer – It can bake, cook, airfry, stir, & more!
Everything is dishwasher safe, and gets cleaned much better than other Airfryers.

This is a more advanced version than the one I have. This one has more options and specific settings to cook, reheat, bake and other options. It’s also bigger than mine. And it’s also pricier – if you’ve a large family, I’d recommend this one.

Click the image if you’d like to buy this one.

My last (but not at all the least) favorite must-have is the Black and Decker Steam Mop. If you’ve children, just get this, you won’t regret it, in shaa Allaah. It’s not only a mop, it can steam clean oven, glass, stove, bathroom, greasy areas that have not been cleaned in a long time, sofas, and more.
All you need is water and a socket. The cord is really long too alhumdulillaah, which makes it easier. I’m telling you, you won’t have to fret over messes again, in shaa Allaah. It comes in two styles – 15 in 1, or 5 in 1. You can get one that fits your needs and price range.

Black & Decker 15 in 1
(Click image to buy)
Black & Decker 5 in 1
(Click image to buy)

So what do you think? What would you add to this list? Do you have a favorite must-have? What are YOUR recommendations? Do let me know, please; I and my other readers would love to read them. And if you feel the ones I’ve mentioned might help you, maybe you can ask for one of these things for your Eid?

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